About Me (and my maladies)

I'm a midwestern girl, grew up in a large-ish metro area, and going to school in a rural one.  I am a computer science and justice systems double major and want to grow up to be an IT support person. Although I do dream of cyber crime enforcement. I  am an avid swimmer, and I'm trying to get pumped for running/walking/triathlons.
I have for pretty much as long as I can remember had allergies and was diagnosed with a "motor planning disorder" which in more current literature seems to go by "dyspraxia". Regardless my fine motor skills aren't so great and coordination isn't my strong suit. Learning new motor skills is also a struggle for me. I'm relatively high functioning though, among other things I've persisted enough to learn to drive (a manual tranmission) and key by touch. I also more recently have had asthma, a latex allergy, and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) added to the list of medical stuff.