Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year time to get off my ***

So 2011 was more or less uneventful-ish. I walk/ran/swam/erg'd 1100km that I remembered to log on daily mile. Did a few races including my first triathlon(super short sprint). My asthma and allergies were pretty much stable. Same meds, same jabs at various frequencies with allergens. No prednisone, ER visits, or epipens used! New diagnosis: PCOS. Same admonishments to loose weight and get in shape.

I admit to being inconsistent at doing goals and stuff and sticking to them. But here's some hopes/dreams/goals whatever you want to call them for 2012:

  1. Get the heck off symbicort or at least on less symbicort(Dr. B said if the winter goes well he'd consider changing my asthma meds but didn't elaborate)I'd like my voice back to normal
  2. Finish a Marathon.(I'm hoping for the St. Louis Rock & Roll marathon in October)
  3. Reach the top of the Rock Climbing Wall(I just learned to belay about a month and a half ago)
  4. Weigh less than 80kg/175lbs (would put me out of the "obese" bmi range)
  5. Faster time at the same Sprint Triathlon.
  6. Finish rowing/erging my million meters.
  7. Finish Half Marathon (Looking at the Go Girl! Run in Mid Missouri in May) Corollary to #2.
  8. Do the fitness ladder workout daily.
  9. Get a "real" adult job.
  10. Significantly reduce the amount of soda/sugared soft drinks I consume.

I'm going to endeavor to accomplish these things I hope my list isn't too long however, I feel like it helps that most of the goals overlap. Here's to a fitter 2012.