Thursday, November 25, 2010

Rise Above and Give Thanks

I realise that while there are a lot of things in life that might be nice if they went another way, I have a lot going for me. I live in a place where I can freely express myself, have access to excellent medical care, and have employment (I also live in a place where we as a nation do a lot of dumb stuff... but that is a whole different matter). I do not have to worry about where my next meal is coming from or how I will get from point A to point B. There are so many blessings in my life. Some of the big ones include:
1) Not having to use an epi-pen (yet, hopefully ever... I can hope :P)
2) Having found the fight for fitness again.
3) A family and an adopted extended "family" who loves me.
4) I am relatively controlled asthma and allergy wise. Overall I'm fairly healthy for being chronically ill :P.
5) Freedom of Speech that lets me write stuff here. :)
6) The opportunity to rise to the challenge and take on leadership.

Life has definitely thrown down the gauntlet and I have risen to the challenge. I feel very blessed that I have found the strength to rise above or a least give my best shot at rising above the bumps in the road. I have always been a fighter and will always be fighter. This is something that I have always had to be to make it this far in life. My will power and gratitude for those who have helped me out have brought me to the point at which I stand now. It is important to take this chance to step back and really think about how good I've got it. With this comes the realization that I don't let the challenges in life get me down very easily. I had a time where I grieved for the loss of the life I knew before asthma and latex allergies. However, I find a way to drag myself out of be each morning and cease seize the day. Thanksgiving reminds me to be thankful for the blessing of willpower, family and friends who cheer me up and share good and bad times with  me, and asthma meds. Hope you all are having a great day and enjoying some delicious foods and the company of those you love.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pondering a New Medical ID

It's time for yet another addition to my growing collection of Medical ID's. Thus far I've got 1 bracelet from N-Style ID (currently stuck on my arm), 1 ID on Me bracelet, and two dogtags. I love my N-Style ID. However, I have just about worn out my band and my plate could probably use an update or two. Overall, I'm happy with the year of faithful service my ID has provided to me for just over a year plastered to my wrist. The last few months, the silicone has brittled up and I literally can't get it off my wrist with out untying which is also almost impossible to do one handed. (I actually started thinking about getting a new one and writing this post way back in July!)I am not particularly easy on things so I'm pretty happy with how it has held up.
Faithful Companion :)
At the very least I need to get a new band for my ID. Probably a "rubber" one or chain one with clasps on each end. I'm also tempted to get a new ID all together. I like American Medical ID's online database and 800 number. However, I'm not particularly red hot on the designs available on their website.  I want something that is pretty rough and tumble, nothing delicate. I am a tomboy not a girly girl. It needs to be rough enough to survive my life, with out being so giant that it looks out of place on my 6ish inch(16ish cm) wrist. Medic Alert is pretty much out of the question at this point. It's just not in my budget as a student. While I'm more complex than your average 21 year old as long as you don't use latex products on me and know I'm asthmatic I probably won't throw you too many curve balls as an unconscious patient.

I don't know what kind of new "bling" I want I've got a long list of don't wants. I should consider making sure it's adult-ish too. Since graduation and job interviews(hopefully) are fast approaching.  I'll keep you all posted when I come to a conclusion about what to get. If nothing else my current band will break and that will force my hand.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

12 of 12 November

On the 12th of each month a bunch of people around the blogosphere take 12 pictures. 12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell. These pictures were taken yesterday but I didn't get a chance to post them then. Thus commences my 12 of 12:

0:02 Bathroom: Gotta love the JedInhaler.  :)

8:33 Room: Breakfast of Champions: Apple Blondie and Morning Meds

12:09 Room: "To Write Love on Her Arms" Okay so it's been on there all day but there yah go.

12:27 Campus: Walking in the Rain to Organization and Management Class
13:49 Cafeteria: Yummy lunch, Admittedly not the healthiest
14:51 Campus: The fall colors outside the Math/Computer Science/Education/Business Building

15:12 Campus: Got my ticket to go see one of the guys from Myth Busters come speak

18:52 Cafeteria: Milkshake handmade with chocolate ice cream and milk

 21:57 Campus: Leaving for a nice 5k walk

22:10 Campus: Let's try this again with a rain jacket since it started drizzling the second I walked outside
22:23 Patterson St: Fall colors at night, much prettier in person
23:45 Room: Some post walk hot cocoa perfect end to a chilly walk!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pressure with a Side of Mucus

Well refusing to get sick didn't really work. I got/am sick anyway. My peakflows have been holding steady in the above 78% range mainly green at that.  I've pretty much expelled a quarter of a tissue box of mucus out my nose today. Along with coughing up some lovely sticky gross mucus specimens. My energy is definitely better than it has been in a while. The only problem is that I can't really get much accomplished since I just keep sneezing out more and more mucus. I'm not quite sure where it's coming from although as my friend Maria told me on facebook: "That's the heck of it, unlike money, you can get rid of it and always make more." Really reassuring there that I will get rid of it anytime soon. Oh well. In the mean time I'll keep pushing fluids and ventolin so it all stays loose, thin, and open.  Hopefully soon I'll be back to feeling okay since I really don't have time to be sick with two term papers due in the next two weeks.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I refuse to get sick!

So I know I owe you all some pictures from Chicago and will get them up soon. School has gotten the best of me since my fall break trip.

However at present I've either completely messed up my sleep schedule or I'm getting sick. Since I'm not normally so tired that I take a mid day nap AND get 8-9 hours of sleep the night before. Hopefully, my body is just jet-lagged randomly (or I'm still growing possibly, I grew an inch or so last year).  Cause I don't want the nasty cold thing that one of my friends has had all weekend. She apparently has been up coughing every hour on the hour. I haven't been to see her, just received the report from her housemate. It's been a whole 7 months since my first prednisone encounter. I really don't want another go at that stuff. My peakflows have been on the up and up for the most part. They randomly drop or go up a little bit but nothing lower than 78% in the recent past.  However, the bimonthly spreadsheet does show Sept/Oct being worse than July/Aug in terms of Ventolin Puffs. Hopefully I won't get sick and will be able to get a better blog post out here soon.