Sunday, August 15, 2010

Walking "The Walk"

My Number & Finisher's Medal
So Saturday(8/14) was "The Walk" in a local park. It was a 5k walk to support depression awareness and a number of local agencies. I did it with a friend. We kept a decent pace and finished right around 55 minutes. Which I don't feel too bad about considering it is hot and muggy outside. An the air quality has been iffy at best.  Granted right after the walk I hit my bed and slept for a good 5 hours. I was pretty well worn out.
I did find the energy to go to the Third Day concert at Six Flags that evening. Where I got questioned by the lady in the seat next to me. (I pulled out the jedInhaler and my AC for some broncodialation so that I could jump around). She asks me "Do you have asthma?"-Yup. "Has it been bad this year?"-Umm yeah have you seen how many air quality warnings we have had?!?! Thankfully after that the concert started so I didn't have to play 20 questions any more.
I've also been full of mucus as of late. It has pretty much been coming down the back of my throat into my lungs and ears. It's also been coming out my nose. I haven't looked to see what is in bloom/out there that is setting my allergies off but I'm getting pretty tired of being mucus city.  I've also definitely been slouching forward a lot to make it easier to breathe. The Symbicort 160/4.5 is helping somewhat... I'm down to about 2 puffs/day of Ventolin. I still seem to bottom out at some point in the late afternoon/evening. Either that or I feel good and go exercise and get all short of breath. If this is as good as it gets I can live with it. I'm hoping there is something more that can be done(we'll see what Dr. B says when I see him on Friday).


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