Sunday, August 7, 2011

EpiPens, Heat Waves, and such

I've been somewhat away from the internet for the last few weeks. I'm in the middle of a whirlwind of moving back to my parent's house for about 3 weeks and then it's back to my college town. My EpiPens just expired(unused!) so I got some new shiney ones that don't have a year's worth of scuffs on them and pocket lint worked into the protective tube.

The lungs have been pretty copasetic. I've got about half a dozen half written posts that I've been meaning to finish up about the lungs and the athletic endevors. I've done some open water swimming in the lake by the State University I did summer research at, but otherwise I've been in out of the humidity and heat which has not inspired much exercise.

Hopefully once school starts back up I will be back in the rhythm of blogging and working out and all the other things that just haven't fallen into place. My routine is off and there are so many little things to take care of between now and leaving to go back to school for the year. Plus I've been doing correspondence class to try to be done with Calculus II. I'm still trying to figure out my whole spiritual/church thing. We'll see where that goes...


Anonymous said...

Yay for copasetic lungs! I had to look that word up. You inspire me to learn big words.

Kat said...

Lol glad my extensive vocabulary is rubbing off on you :P

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