Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NaBloPoMo take 2

So today has been a pretty lazy day, except not that lazy. I've gotten a decent amount of school stuff done, but I didn't get dressed for the day until like 2pm. I'm on the rag and for whatever reason, that makes me just want to jump out of my skin, along with attempt a diy hysterectomy. I have cramps now that I'm on the pill and have "real"-fake periods. It's an annoying occasional pulse of pain with a little bit of dull achyness in terms of cramps. However, part of the reason why I didn't put on real clothes until so late in the afternoon is because I just don't want to be touched by people or things when I'm on the rag. For whatever reason, in addition to my lungs being hypersensitive, my whole self is just hypersensitive to touch too. To add to the lung happy fun crazy times, we're also allegedly getting some snow tonight, although it's just been raining hardcore at this point. Regardless it's not supposed to be hardcore real snow, just some flurries, probably won't even stick much.


Anonymous said...

I heard the pill was supposed to help with period-asthma? No? I was considering talking to my doc about it.

Kat said...

Yes it helps, I'm taking about half as much ventolin as I did pre pill. No it's not the magic bullet, for me at least, but there was one thing made very clear to my by Dr. B about period asthma: it's pretty mysertious to the medical community. They recognize it exists, and that some people aren't affected by it while others are and some people do better on the pill and some are about the same.

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