Friday, February 4, 2011

Indoor training... again!

So the weather has improved a bit as has the general snowcoveredness of the sidewalks on campus. However, we've replaced a lot of the snow with ice. One of the watermains through the center of campus broke and gushed out water which then froze. Seeing as how I like staying up right. Looks like this weeks' Distance Run will be in an indoor venue. I know, I know you are thinking but why not run on the roads/sidewalks off campus... You see there are very few clear sidewalks off campus. And the roads just aren't safe to run on in this weather.

On  a completely different note, the lungs are behaving themselves pretty darn nicely. Little blips with exercise and such. I would say in general I feel pretty decent. However, I've been a naughty asthmatic. I've been letting measuring peakflows slip like pretty much all the time. With spring allergy season approaching I really need to get back in the habit of checking peakflows. Also possibly causing some minor lung blips is the fact that I've been trying to decaffeinate myself a bit. I'm trying to swear off caffeinated soda-pop entirely. Ideally eventually soda more or less entirely. Although I do enjoy "real" root beer fresh on tap, not something that comes around everyday so a nice little treat.  Anyway I'm gonna kick back and enjoy some more wintery goodness. (Remind me why I moved north again... oh yeah!... lower mold count).


Anonymous said...

Yay for running inside! I tend to be able to hold out running longer if I'm on a treadmill. Maybe cuz then I have something telling me how long and how far I've gone.

Kat said...

@Elisheva- I'm quite the opposite, cause outside I have nice scenery and my nike plus will tell me how far I've gone but I have to hit the button to make it tell me except at half way and a few other preprogrammed points. I get really bored running nowhere/in circles. I find it much more interesting to in a big loop outside.

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