Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard Day!

So my university doesn't really give snow days. We do however, about once every 30-40 years get a blizzard bad enough to cancel classes for the day. Today they closed the university at 10:30am and it will remain closed tomorrow as well. Everything is locked up and everyone is hunkered down for the long haul. Save the residence halls, and dining halls there is nothing open on campus. Most of the businesses are closed down til at least Thursday. Needless to say, this would fall under Act of G-d in the excuses as to why I'm not going to be able to train tomorrow. The snow is most of the way to my knees with drifts even deeper.

My lungs have been more or less behaving. I've seen some little blips the last few days I'm thinking mostly from picking up the workout pace/humidity change from the storm. We'll see though, I've definitely been seeing more of the little blue puffer than I've gotten accustomed to. I hit the treadmill Monday night, and did some cross training today. Unfortunately the weather just isn't behaving very nicely for this whole training thing.


Tash said...

I'm really in awe of your weather. I've never had a snow day, though we did once get advised to leave work early in a bad storm here a few years ago.

I'm also noticing a drop in lung behaviour since picking up the workouts again. Annoying when doing something that's good for you, still turns out to be bad for you :(

Sarah said...

Heh! Your pile outside the door reminds me of the time back in '08 that I had to climb out a living-room window because the snow was drifted chest-high in front of both doors after a blizzard! I'm lucky I'm small, otherwise I wouldn't have fit, and then I would have been in a real predicament! xD

Kat said...

@Tash- I was in awe of it too, hence why I took about a bazillion pictures. We get snow all the time, thus we don't normally have town come to a standstill for it. The other explanation Kerri was tossing out is that it might be my dropping of the caffeine habit in an attempt to be more healthy-ish. Less bronchodialators... more lung issues. Either way valid point :)

@Sarah- These are the deepest drifts I've dealt with in my lifetime, normally our drifts don't get more than maybe half a meter deep. Props for your extreme weather survival skills.

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