Saturday, January 29, 2011

5.2k on a Beautiful Winter Day

So today I went for a run(ish), where I encountered questionably slick patches/uncleared walks/shoulders I did some powerwalking cause falling on my buns while running down the main drag in town sounded like a bad idea. It was a nice 37F/3C outside, with not too much wind. Enough to keep me cool but not so much that I was under dressed in a long sleeve technical tee with a longsleeve 'cold morning' running top over and gym shorts. Yes, I wore shorts outside today.

Overall the run went decent, I felt rather slow I came in at right around 57 minutes which isn't bad but definitely needs to be improved since I'm hoping to do somewhere around 1:15-1:20 for the 8k I have coming up. My legs didn't really complain, got a little tight here or there but loosened right back out with a quick stretch. The lungs where kind of SOB quite a bit but not really tight or cough-y. I lost count of how many puff's of ventolin have been into me today. I kind of crashed after the run. Probably not the smartest idea to run in the midst of my period. However, I did it already. I just went out there to run, no real planned route, just me my iPod, my phone, keys, inhaler, driver's license and camelbak. The camelbak is a blessing and a curse on the one hand I stay very well hydrated. However, consuming 1.5 liters of water in under an hour with no easy restroom access in cooler temperatures does present a slight problem.

My nike plus is acting up the sensor is being dumb. So I either need to beat it into submission(cause all electronics work better after a few love taps) or get a new one. Which is how I ended up going the extra 200 meters not that 5.2k is is a bad distance. Although had I not ended my jog at the far-away parking lot of school(to pick up my car) I would've gone closer to 6km. I'm definitely feeling like I can get there for the 8k. Whether I'll be walking or jogging has yet to be seen. If I could do a like Run 8 minutes Walk 2 minutes or something that would be a happy point. However, a lot depends on what the weather looks like come that part of March, not only temperatures for the asthma, pollen counts/how well allergy shots are working for the congestion factor.


kerri said...

Glad to see ya got out there! I am jealous, you are having a heatwave by my standards ;).

Until you get sorted out on the Nike+ situation, you can always double check your routes on stuff like mapmywalk or -- thats what I did when my sensor was kicking it.

I also love how we find random crap on the sidewalk on our adventures -- I have a youtube walk vlog in which I found a pair of socks on the sidewalk ;).

Anonymous said...

Woah! Running in the cold with your period! Respect, man... Back when I had my regular jogging route in Tel Aviv, I had a mental map of where all the public bathrooms (including inconspicious ditches if necessary. Ew. Hate peeing outside...) on the route were.

Nice slideshow!

Kat said...

@Kerri- it's a mild heatwave by our standards too. We normally don't see above freezing this time of year. Yeah I use map my run too. My new sensor should be here today.
@Elisheva- Unfortunately there aren't many public restrooms in the the loop back to home part of the run route I took. probably running it in reverse would've been a better plan, bathroom wise.

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