Monday, January 24, 2011

Row Row Row your erm... Ergometer gently down the stream...

So the winter months bring me indoors towards the gym. Cause I don't know about you but I'm not very skilled at fitness walking/jogging when there is 3-6+ inches of snow on the ground. I tend to try to avoid trudging out in it in this kind of weather. My usual thing to do at the gym is hit up the indoor rower [aka erg(ometer)]. I'm slowly but surely rowing my way to a million meters. Yesterday was my first 5k in 2011 I rowed a 35:47 which is kinda slow for me, but baby steps.

Water break during my rowing last night
The lungs have been rocking it out. I like that part of winter. They will let me sleep through a Symbicort dose :). Ventolin has only really been happening when I work out which is pretty epic. 2-3 rescue uses in as many months... I could really get used to this :). Maybe I will escape to Inhaled Steroid only someday. I'm not holding out too hard but hope does spring eternal.

The semester is off to a decent start I'm only in 4 classes one of which is online [medical terminology... interesting class]. It has been keeping me mighty busy. However, hopefully I'll get into the rythym of class and get back into better blogging habits.

Spring will bring with it a fun break during which I get to see Dr. Z for a what the crap is up with my hormones appointment, and Dr. B for a check up in the peak of spring allergy season. I know you are jealous of my spring break plans don't lie! Also during the second weekend of break I'm registered for a 5 mile/8k run. It's a St. Patrick's Day run with beers at the finish line so I'm not sure how seriously people will be taking it. I'm excited for it though[not for the beer, just vigorously went 5 miles a brewski isn't on the top of list of stuff to ingest] cause it's chip timed. Should be interesting since I'm looking at my calendar it's 47 days away! Somebody better get on her training. I'm in decent cardio shape since I've been rowing and such but I need to get my buns back out on the track/treadmill/road. Should be interesting to try out cold weather training. It will be a necessary evil since if I can run/rapidly walk 5 miles in Northern Missouri Winter it should be easier to do in Central Missouri early spring. The average for early March in St. Louis is in the 40's (F) which isn't too bad.


kerri said...

I'm going to beat you to a million meters!

Looking forward to hearing about that race, YEAH! Races are great motivators, I gotta get one on my own radar to shoot for.

kerri said...

OH, also, your title thoroughly made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Ooh. Rowing! I should see if we have one of those at school. Why do you like rowing more than other stuff? I never even thought to do it. Woohoo for no triggers aside from exercise! That's been me the whole time in America so far. It rocks my socks.

Kat said...

I enjoy how fluid the motion is for rowing. Also it is nice to give my joints a rest with all the pounding on them I do for jogging. I also like how i can get into a rhythm with my breathing during the workout that I just can't seem to find with elliptical or stationary bike. Having that rhythm helps me figure out when I'm in trouble breathing-wise a little better cause sometimes huffing and puffing from out of shape isn't as easy to tell from SOB as I'd like.

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