Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years, Pictures, Doctors, Party on!

My lungs we're freaking rocking New Years Eve! They were real troopers, I got a little SOB powerwalking in the cold with my friend Todd w/o premedicating but it was mostly out of shape SOB and I was fine once we stopped indoors at the first desitnation of the night. They we're totally chill with the smokey bars, and casino we went to. It was pretty amazing, I was planning on having a little bathroom ventolin break but never needed one. Then to ring in the new year I slept through the first 2 doses of symbicort for 2011 (oops). However, no lung crashes here, we are just now getting a little tight which considering I went 36 hours between symbicort doses is pretty epic. I had an awesome time with my friends. They got kinda drunk but I was driving so I had a lot of roy rodgers cocktails and pepsi's which was fine by me since I was drinking free :). It was pretty epic fun night bar hopping and figuring out how the heck a casino worked with 2 of my friends who had never been to one before. Especially since we started at this sushi place where I had super yummy strawberry cheesecake sushi style rolls!  This year will hopefully bring a drop in bmi for me by about 6-9 points. Oh and getting myself in shape and staying that way. Who knows maybe I'll even kick my soda-pop habit(not holding my breath there, I can try though).

So I've had my quarterly visit with the favorite allergist, rather uneventful at least that one was over. I decided that I should probably stop ignoring my super irregular periods and have a fun chat with Dr. Z about those. Well Dr. Z is apparently incredibly hard to get an appointment with in under a month's notice.  This landed me with her associate Dr. S. He was nice but nothing like talking about your periods with a doctor you've never met AWKWARD. Oh well, his two cents was that my periods are kind of disconcerting and that PCOS has a high probability of being the issue. The only thing more disconcerting to him than the frequency of them was the asthma connection. Long story, short: woo adding ortho novum 7/7/7 in hopes of getting my hormones back on board with the correct pace and a happy fun appointment with Dr. Z over spring break(try to contain your jealousy).

I'm also restarting P365 with the lovely Ms. Kerri. So as of 1/1/11 I've got a new Project 365 going. Come see what a year in my life looks like!


Anonymous said...

What disconcerting about the asthma connection? Did s/he think it was weird? Cuz every dr I've ever been to has never heard about that before, which I think is strange considering I know so many people affected by that.

kerri said...

Thanks for the plug. SO pumped about p365.

I've only ever mentioned the asthma/hormone correlation to my allergist when listing off my triggers, she didn't question any further. I hope The Pill [which requires capitalization lol] helps things in all regards and your asthma is less problematic for your periods in months to come.

Also your new years eve sounds pretty fun :D. Yay! Here's to a great year to come!

Anonymous said...

Hope The Pill helps you out. I've been on it since I was 17 or so, because of PCOS, and it really made a big difference for me.

With hindsight I do wonder if my crazy hormones were part of the reason I never got great asthma control in my teens.

(And yeah, total sympathy with discussing these things with strangers - I used to have to go to the specialist as the hospital every few months - every time I went there was someone new, and I had to start right from scratch. As an extremely self-conscious, body-conscious teen, it was excruciatingly embarrassing).

Good luck for a healthier 2011!

Kat said...

@G- He said it was rare, but he had heard of it. It came up cause he wanted to know why I minded toughing out super frequent but otherwise not uncomfortable periods. The thing that got the eyebrow up was the amount of Ventolin I'll inhale over that week (40-60 puffs).

@K-I'm hoping for that too. I'm enjoying my P365 thus far. It's quite a nice little adventure.

@WH-I'm hoping that getting the allergies and the hormones under control will help my asthma control. Glad that the Pill is is working out for you. I'm crossing my fingers and holding on to see where this hormonal roller-coaster leads.

Anonymous said...

40-60 puffs??? That's a crapload!

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