Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Pill and the Lungs

So I think I mentioned in the summary of my appointment with Dr. Z's officemate Dr. S that we are taking birth control for a spin to try to make my hormones play nice. So far it's been pretty decent. I'm taking a lot less ventolin during the estrogen drop of the month. I still need more than I normally would. However, we're down from 8-10 puffs/day to 2-4 puffs. So not bad at all. And I actually am not so short of breath that I'm not just barely scraping by, I actually feel up to doing things other than napping or forcing myself to be productive and do quiet seated work.
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I don't know how well the hormones are actually doing at regulating my cycles. The first month was rather rough. There was lots of random bleeding. Which I know is somewhat normal. We're solidly through month two, without random spotting and bleeding. I have only had a 3 day short period. I did have pretty heavy bleeding and cramping during the short period that I did have. Which is much more normal than the periods I was having prior to the pill. I do like having a predictable cycle but I'd rather not be on these things forever and ever. I mean I really like what they do, but it's not without some probability of long term cardiac side effects. Hopefully, we'll get to the bottom of my crazy cycles sooner or later.

On a sick note, I'm still under the weather but feeling less bad than this weekend. I still have congestion and a sore throat. However, I'm not feeling too bad. I have been SOB quite a bit as I get back to moving around and doing stuff. Haven't had a peakflow crash really or too much asthma symptoms. However, my energy is still pretty well in the tank. We'll see how the week progresses. I'm hoping to avoid steroids, and getting sicker since I'd really like to still compete at the St. Patrick's Day Run.


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