Sunday, April 17, 2011

Run with Ryan

So I ended up doing a little impromptu exercise with my friend Ryan this evening. We decided to go for a jog. Which seemed like a good idea at the time, we had somewhere to be, and both of us are trying to get in shape. It is a little colder than it has been recently outside but still above freezing, between that an a lack of warm up and premedication I got to the last little stretch and was audibly wheezing, which never happens. Ryan was a little freaked out by this, also my inhaler and spacer seemingly came out of nowhere. I have forgotten that it is scary to other people when you can't breathe. I wasn't particularly worried yes I wasn't feeling great but I've def been worse. I took two hits and we went into our destination.

Later this evening he was asking me if I thought it was scary or if I was afraid to run because of it. And I was like no, I normally don't have problems and I carry my inhaler/epipens. It's no fun to live in fear, plus there is too much going on to let asthma get in the way. Now that he kind of understands what to expect and that I'm most likely not dying, he's a lot better about it. The lungs have perked up now. 


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I also tend to forget that other people get freaked out when I have issues breathing. And I never think it's a big deal. Either that or I'm pissed off by my lungs crapping up on me.

Does Ryan know you're asthmatic?

Also, what? It's cold again? It's 30 in Jeru today!

Kat said...

Yeah he knew before that that I was asthmatic but he'd never seen me having an attack before. Yeah we are in the stage of spring where we alternate between 2-5C at night and 12-20C during the day.

kerri said...

I like the last paragraph. Stopping things are no fun. I know what you mean, the first time my friend SAW me crap out at the gym, I think she finally sort of got it, you know?

Either way, annoying as hell. Boo!

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