Monday, December 13, 2010

12 of 12 December

On the 12th of each month a bunch of people around the blogosphere take 12 pictures. 12 of 12 was created by Chad Darnell. These pictures were taken yesterday but I didn't get a chance to post them then due to finals.

2:27, Just off campus, Let the snow drifting begin! This is fairly true to the actual accumulation. Don't ask what I was still doing up and out at this hour of the morning :P

9:58, Outside Church, Headed into church, nice winter scene

12:13, South Parking Lot, Woot snow drifts! I don't know if you can really tell but this one came up past my knees,  about a foot and a half deep(half a meter for the metrically inclined).

14:09, Room, My graham cracker "gingerbread" house right before I ate it.
14:39, Room, Another study break, knitting a hat for the local domestic violence assistance organization.
18:55, Room, Studying Calculus, got to draw a pretty 3-D picture

19:41, Student Union, Grabbed some dinner "veggie-max" sub, and dr. pepper, the dinner of champions right?
21:56, Room, Yup you guessed it more calculus studying.

22:16, Room, Carmel on an apple for a snack

23:17, Room, Freshly sharpened pencil in prep for the calc exam
23:27, Room, One last look over the study sheet for the night then off to bed.
23:57, Room, My progress made during study breaks on the hat.


kerri said...

Great 12!
Though I DO wanna know what you were doing up at 2:27 am outside none-the-less :P.

Anonymous said...

Why do you have Pi on your gingerbread house?

How do you knit with 3 sticks? Don't you only have two hands? I still need to learn how to knit. I only know how to crochet.

Nice 12!

Kat said...

@E I was making it w/ the math/computer nerds...
It's called knitting in the round, for making hats or really warm scarves, when you start decreasing the number of stitches you put it on double pointed needles like those instead of circular needles like the earlier picture. There is actually a fourth to the left of my keyboard, but you only use 2 at a time.
@K clearly I was walking back to my place from off campus :P.

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