Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Views from the Green Zone

I know it's not the 12th yet and there aren't 12 photos from one day either. I seem to be decidedly camped out in the green zone for a while and I figured I'd show some views from my life. It's been quite a nice little run here. I haven't seen my ventolin in 15 days (okay, so I've seen it in my pocket but not on the other end of the spacer). I would speculate that this lack of flare has two main causes: a)finally winter which kills mold/allergens b) not at the fun point in my hormonal cycle. I'll ride with this as long as it goes good like this. This is an especially nice break in the coughing and tightness et. al. given that semester is ending and I would really like to be able to focus on homework.
Blood Drive (couple days after my last hit of Ventolin): Pint #16(if I've kept count correctly)

Federal Court, AT&T, and Metropolitan Buildings in Downtown St. Louis in dense fog

Shakshouka being made by this Goyeh

View from the front porch as the first flurries start on Thanksgiving

Fancy Sweet Potato Casserole I made for Thanksgiving

Yup that right there folks is the first snow of the year(on Thanksgiving)


Anonymous said...

This post makes me so happy for several reasons.
a) I'm happy to hear about people feeling good. keep it up!
b) I'm obsessed with donating blood, tho I've mostly been sticking to plasma donation lately, since my AB+ blood isn't as valuable as my plasma is. Is that iodine on your arm?
c) You made shakshuka! Looks yummy. And don't worry about being a "goyeh". As far as I know, it's not a specifically Jewish food as it is all around Middle Eastern. Not that there's anything wrong with making Jewish food. It's open to all.

Kat said...

a)I broke my 16 day streak ventolin-free yesterday. Oh well, minor blip in the overall breathing stuff. No biggie.
b)Yup, it is iodine, not a bruise. I'm too short to give double red and don't live close enough to a blood donation center to give plasma.
c)I love ethnic foods, always up to try new flavors and styles of cooking. Definitely turned out pretty yummy.

Anonymous said...

Meh, s'ok. I'd say 16 days is great. That's about as long as I can generally hold out, aside from excercise related stuff.

I've never seen iodine on blood donation. That looks so messy! Here they use alcohol. I dunno what double red is. I wonder if we have it too.

Glad you liked the shakshuka!

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