Saturday, June 19, 2010


So I went to the allergist yesterday. It went pretty well, he's super nice and seems to be a good fit. I've got my first pair of epi-pens ever. They kind of scare me quite a bit at this point. I know that they are most likely never going to get used. However, it just scares me to think that I might have a reaction to latex that is bad enough that I would need to use one.
I've also gotten the addition of singulair to take for a test run this month. I'm hoping it will help me out with the allergy/asthma craziness. I have gotten recognition of the elephant in the room. I do in fact have asthma and a latex allergy officially.  It's nice to know I'm not just a hypochondriac. I've also as such been told to wear a medical alert tag. I have one I just am not the best about wearing it.
The other thing that has also been decided as part of the whole allergist thing is that I'm going to start getting allergy shots for mold and dust allergies. It should be an interesting adventure doing them, but hopefully it will help the allergies not be so horrible.
My 5k training this last week as well as anything really requiring brain function has pretty much been non-existent. I had to be off anti-histamines which didn't really work out so well for me in terms of not just being completely worn out all the time. I'm hoping to get back to pounding the pavement in the next day or two once I've got a good handle on the allergies. I apologize if this is pretty much rambling I'm pretty tired and pretty scared by the whole epi-pen thing.


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