Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I get down but I get back up again!

So this week has been busy. I've worked a lot. I haven't been behaving as well as I should be. I've been eating junk and not getting runs/walks in like I should. Today I did get to the gym to run on the track. I'm finding strength from with in from I don't know where. I've been plugging along at my couch to 5k routine. I'm a bit behind because I just couldn't get everything in the hours outside of work this last week.
I've made an appointment with the allergist for June 17. I can't wait for it. However, I'm not looking forward to being off antihistamines for a week. The other countdown on my calendar is the 5k race... 40 days. I'm really loving myself and by ability to actually run a little in spurts. It makes me feel good. I know my asthma isn't that bad but it's something that gives the weakness in my mind an excuse to let me stop short of what I can physically can do. I hope to add into the running regime with the 100 pushups program. I feel like I can do this and it will make me a stronger person both mentally and physically.


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