Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spoils of the Day of Doctors

So first up was a visit to the PCP, she was chipper(for 8:15a) and helpful as usual. I got a referral to see an allergist which should hopefully help things get better. I also got switched to Ventolin, I won't miss the ProAir I don't think. Ventolin seems to have more force in it's puff's and I'm definitely a fan of the dose counter and strap cap. However, I'm a little bemuzed by it's packaging. the box is huge compared to the inhaler. I'm pretty sure I could fit 3 ProAir boxes inside it.

Note the size of the box in comparison to the inhaler.

All the inhalers in my possession at this point(well the ones with juice anyway) for size comparison.
So I'm definitely pegging the Ventolin as my travel-buterol. It not only has a strap cap and a dose counter  but also a nice little piece of plastic that sticks out from the cap and keeps the inhaler from going off in your pocket. (finally somebody figured that one out!!!) I made out pretty good from the PCP got all the meds I need. She also mentioned something about Polycystic Ovaries, I've got to get some blood work done on that front and see what happens there. Hopefully things will go well with the allergist in a few weeks?(Need to schedule that appt). 
Here's the current meds from today's visit: Symbicort HFA 80/4.5, Ventolin HFA, Allegra 180mg. (Aligned right for variety's sake.)
I also had a fun eye doctor appointment after the PCP. Nothing exciting, got the eyes dialated, pressure checked, eyes checked and then out the door with script in hand for new glasses. 


Rick Frea said...

Ventolin does have a big box. Perhaps it's to make it distinct from other 'buterol products. Have you ever tried singulair. I find it works great, especially during spring pollen season.

Kat said...

I'm in the midst of trying singulair. I'm not sure what I'm thinking of it right now. I haven't seen much improvement asthma wise allergies seem to be slightly better. We'll see what I have to report in another week or so when I've gotten into the full swing of it.

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