Friday, May 7, 2010

School is out for summer!

This photo pretty well sums up my life over the last week or so. I've been busy with homework and finals and getting through all that kind of stuff. I've also had quite a bit of a time with an allergies/asthma/sinus nastiness. My finals are taken my projects submitted and school is officially out for summer! As you can see I broke out the sharpie and doodled a bit on my inhaler. It makes me feel less sick and more happy now.
Another thing that I did while I was away was register for a charity 5k to help build a medical clinic in Port-Au-Prince Haiti. The race is the second week of July. Provided my lungs cooperate and I get to train over the next two months I'm hoping that I will be able to jog/powerwalk it. Ultimately though I'm just happy to make it across the finish line.
About 13 hours from now will mark the mental start of my summer. I will have my first shift of the summer at my work. It is always a good time to head back there and get to see all my coworkers and the interesting guests who grace us with their presence.
My Goals for the Summer:
1. Get my asthma under control
2. Stop settling with the allergies(time to find myself an allergist)
3. Get ready to be a real adult (set up an IRA, try to find a car, etc)


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