Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting my buns off the couch

So I've been working quite a bit lately (I cashier at a local tourist attraction). However, I get today as well as Friday off for a little R & R. I seem to have finally kicked my allergies/sinus/gross cough/congestion thing.  So I went out for a bit of a jog/power walk thing. Probably not the best idea since I had to descend little over 1000 stairs yesterday as part of an emergency preparedness drill at work. However, I made it through a whole 2 miles or so of jog a little power walk a little. I'm doing a couch to 5k training program. Provided I don't have anymore set backs before the race in July I should be right on course to do a 30ish minute 5k. 
Tonight, I also went out to celebrate my 21rst birthday. We started at a mexican restaurant for dinner. Next stop was this fun bar that had swings instead of bar stools. Which was really neato. Finally, we went out for some ice cream. It was a good time and really nice to hang out with friends.


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