Monday, May 24, 2010

Running, Doctor's Appointment, and Life Oh My!

So I have been misbehaving the last few days. I've been training for the 5k in July, went for a run on Saturday and this morning.  Friday I was too tired to go for a run after work. However, instead I decided to go out with friends to a drag show to benefit a local group for glbt youths. This was a bad idea since it was at a club which permits smoking. I probably also should not have had an alcoholic drink while I was at the show as well.  Needless to say my lungs have not been behaving much at all the last few days. My inhaler and I have been spending some quality time together. I've been congested in my sinuses, ears, and nose from the smoke and the great outdoors. Clearly I need to behave better. However, as usual I hate feeling different and dependent on my meds.
Tomorrow morning I've got two doctor appointments. First up is my primary doc and second with eye doc. I'm looking to get my allergies and asthma better controlled. I've been so tired and worn out by them this spring. I don't know what this will entail exactly. Probably allergy shots or a different allergy med, possibly more or different asthma meds. My primary doc is pretty conservative on my meds which is okay. I'm happy to not be over medicated but this isn't working out for me right now as it is. Eye doctor goals are pretty simple, figure out why my contacts are sliding off my eyes and get a new prescription for glasses so I can replace my worn out ones.
Current Meds:

  • 1 Women's Multivitamin (Morning)
  • 1 Allegra(Generic) 180mg (Morning)
  • 2 puffs Symbicort 80/4.5 (Morning & Evening)
  • 2 puffs ProAir (as needed)
I'm going to ask for a switch to Ventolin since it's on the latest and greatest formulary for insurance. Otherwise whatever floats my doc's boat.


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