Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An ah-ha moment this morning

So this morning I was exchanging internet banter with DZ as happens on quite a few occasions. Our im conversation ended up on the topic of gender identity/expression. He really hit the nail on the head about my gender at least at this point in time. My internal identity is a butch female, but my expression of gender is more of ambiguous /androgynous. My expression leans towards the masculine and I have no problems with being sir'd. Having such a succinct way of explaining the "me" and color within the lines as best a non binary gender can. I'll try to continue to flush these thoughts out after finals week when I have time to brain outside of academics. I haven't actually registered for the 5k on my birthday. I should really do that once I take care of the other 300 million things happening these next 7 days.


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