Friday, October 8, 2010

You've Got Mail!

The Package :)
So earlier this week I got something very exciting in the mail. I've been waiting on it for a couple weeks now. I believe I've mentioned that my Aerochamber plus has seen better days and I'm a two spacer kind of girl since my coordination sucks. It was time for it to be retired and live out it's years in my asthma archive(yup, i've got a drawer of empty inhalers too, but they have a purpose for which I am storaging them and then the actuators shall be recycled and the canisters trashed).

I admit that it's a bit juvenile, but I decided to go with an AC Boyz chamber since I'm pretty opposed to Pink in most forms and I would feel completely ridiculous pulling that out on the bus. I'm definitely loving the flutter valve inhalation thingy. It does make it easier to see how you are breathing time things correctly. It also makes me feel like I should take up an extreme sport with the skaters and bikers on it. I really enjoyed getting to read the instructions in French. I now know the word for puffer... because that is totally going to come up in all my conversations in French. :P

So, it took me a couple days to get this post together but my life has been pretty busy with homework and studying for exams. :(  Hopefully  I'll finish up some more of the posts, I've been working on soon. I shall leave you with a comparison of the spacers I own (see if you can spot and identify the inhaler hiding in the picture :P). And yes infact an AC plus and an AC Boyz are exactly the same size save the flutter valve.


kerri said...

Yay! I get pictures! ;D

Out of curiosity, how do you like the Vortex compared to the ACs? I've used ACs and the PocketChamber which I HATED and lived in my drawer for a year+ until I found out that a friend liked them, so off it went in the mail to her to be used fo'realz.

Kat said...

Okay so I <3 my vortex for sure. I like the whistle and the flutter/inhale indicator thingy on my AC that is super useful. However, the end on my Vortex fits my Symbicort better than the AC(which is a little small have to kind of force the symbi in). My Vortex doesn't really travel, it's slightly bigger and no mouth piece, and well in my world... things sometimes fall out of my bag. I really like both chambers and I'd get either of them again. As a first chamber or as a jack of all trades I'd go for an AC just cause I'm always on the go so a cover is a must have.

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