Monday, October 4, 2010

5k in the Dark

view leaving campus
So last night(sunday), I was feeling restless and decided some semi-quick forward motion was in order. I tossed on some gym shorts, a technical tee, and my "cold" weather  jacket(okay not for real cold weather but it breathes and is a decent lightweight second layer). Laced up my shoes and messed around with the nike + sensor until it behaved and worked correctly for me. It was just a little nippy outside 50F/10C, not really cold I mean it's not January yet(thank goodness!).
I got going pretty good and got running for a good half mile or maybe little more. I just kind of wandered the mostly deserted streets on the edge of town enjoying the stars and the road passing by.
Overacheiving a bit: 5.2ish km
Over all, it felt great to get out there and go. The lungs behaved wonderfully for the duration of the run/walk. The big dip wasn't even an inhaler break(had to stop to cross the street and tie my shoe).  The only thing I need to remember is that it's now cold enough with the wind that gym shorts are not appropriate running attire after dark. I came back to the warm indoors and the lungs made the transition wonderfully without any tightness or anything a little post flaring: woke up at 71% this morning. This definitely makes me feel a lot better about the 5k in 12 days. I'm pretty sure as long as I get out there and move a bit the next two weeks I should be fine to go under 40.


kerri said...

Great job! 5K in under 40 blows my mind as a walker, that's AWESOME! :-)

Keep us all posted on how the training's going, I hope the residual flaring quits soon.

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