Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To Run

View as I left campus
So after a little persuasion in the form of comments  from Kerri and MC and some self reflection. I decided that I needed to just force myself to get up off the (couch) desk chair and get out there and put one foot in front of the other. I sometimes let asthma be my excuse for being a slacker which isn't cool.
Start of the Trail on the way out
I had a beautiful day to go for a walk/run/jog/intermittent speed forward motion. The sky was really that blue and it was beautifully sunny(oops... no sunscreen hope I don't find any sunburn tomorrow).  There is a fairly quiet little walking/biking trail not too far from campus that is 1.33 miles(2.14km) one way from my ResHall to the field it dead ends into.  I took it at a mediumly brisk walking pace down until I got to the part that I was going to calibrate my Nike + on.  At which point I discover that my sensor is refusing to be recognized by the iPod. I messed around with the darn thing for a good 5 or so minutes. In which time randomly two bulldogs and their owners come by somewhat scarily(they were really pulling their owners who had them counter weighted by a little red wagon full of bricks).
Heading back to campus, I love the green stuff that surrounds the trail :)
I gave up on the sensor but did run about half a mile(.8 km) and then walked the rest of the way back to campus. All and all it was a pretty awesome start to my hurried training for the 5k in 17 days. I did get my sensor working once I got back to my room and messed around with it quite a bit. Apparently the accelerometer mechanism was stuck somehow since a good thwack seemed to do the trick. All and all hopefully I'll be able to keep the motivation up and keep on going outside before I have to banish myself to the indoors for the winter.
Pepperoni Pizza

I came across a bunch of pizza scraps like this towards the end/start of the trail. I'm not really sure what the deal was with them since they were all cut off, not torn or chewed. and randomly scattered.


kerri said...

"intermittent speed forward motion" cracked me up.

Well done! I know I always try to post some pictures of my walks, and it's fun seeing where other people are running/walking.

You can TOTALLY do that 5K. Totally. Even if you don't run the whole thing, you can so do it.

. . . maybe someone left the pizza in case you got hungry on your run? ;-)

Pissed Off Patient said...

Good for you! I am not a runner, asthma or not, I'm just not built for it.

Keep on running!


Kat said...

@Kerri - sometimes I say funny things you just have to have the right sense of humor :). It's surprising how similar our prairies look even though they are at least 1250km apart(well that's how far it is from here to Thunder Bay... we considered road tripping there a couple spring breaks ago).
@M- Asthma kind of drove me to running oddly enough. I'm not really somebody who should be seen in running shorts, :P.

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