Saturday, July 31, 2010

'buterol Ramblings

So I'm up and jittery from taking enough albuterol to open up the lungs and stop coughing 'em up. I hate how this always happens to me the night before an early morning. Never the night before I can sleep in. Alas, I digress... Murphy's Law of Asthma, I suppose. So for the record my lungs apparently really do not approve of me going outside in the thunder and rain with a high level mold count. I did get to whip out my JedInhaler at Six Flags which was pretty epic. I got some strange looks. I'm not sure if that was because of the spacer or the stickers on the inhaler. My friend and I went to see Jeremy Camp's concert. Which was epic, he really rocks it out for Jesus. (Picture to follow on my 365 once my hands stop shaking enough to connect all the connections needed to upload pics :P ).
On another random note, a friend wants me to do a fundraiser walk for depression with her. It's 5k, I feel fairly confident in my ability to do the walk. Other than the fact that I've pretty well been not up to working out for the last like 2 weeks. If I'm going to do this I do need to start getting up off my buns and working out a bit in the next few weeks (It's on the 14th of August). One thing I learned from the 5k run I did was that I need to inquire about the balloon usage at the walk. if it's like 2 in an open air area of the thing I can deal with it (ie don't stand down wind of them) but if they are gonna be all over then it's a no go.
Anyway I should stop rambling and attempt to sleep. Hopefully this is coherent if not blame the 4 puffs of albuterol currently charging their way through my system.


Anonymous said...

Your post actually made sense to me. Hopefully you got a bit more sleep that you expected without oversleeping.

Does albuterol always make your hands shake that much, or are there times when it doesn't? I have times when I'm crazy shaky after it (even just 2 puffs), and other times I've been in the ER and had a continuous neb for over an hour and not been the least bit shaky. Lol, and other times I don't think I"m shaky but friends and even strangers look at me and ask me, "why are your hands shaking?"

Wow, I never thought about balloons causing problems outside. I do hope that you'll be able to do the walk though.

You went to a Jeremy Camp concert?! Cool!

Kat said...

It generally does mess with my fine motor control at least a little bit. However, I have motor skill problems to begin with(a post for another day) so take it for what you will. I'd say generally I get more shaky when I'm sleepy or when I haven't been hitting up the albuterol a lot recently. Also when I cheat on the 4 hour time frame thing(Breaking the rules of AsthmaLand). Generally they don't shake so much that I can't type but they will to the point of not being able to text(touch screen phone) or write legibly(not that legible to begin with). Once or twice when I was ultra flare mode I actually had my knees shaking too. It was bad and clearly a sign that things were not in control.
Yeah, generally they aren't too horrible in open air spaces as long as I'm not downwind; it's a whole new element of cross contamination.
Jeremy Camp was amazing. He is a really gifted artist. He was super patient with the weather too. He stuck it out through a thunderstorm delay and played in the rain for us.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.... interesting. You get really shaky if you "break the 4 hour rule of asthma land", and especially when you're flaring really badly.
I've noticed that when I'm flaring really badly and really need the albuterol, I don't shake at all, or at least I don't notice it. I've never had my knees shaking though... except for the very first neb tx I had in the ER. Now THEN I was really shaking like a leaf for 15 minutes.

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