Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lilith and Allergist

So Friday was full of fun adventures. I went to the allergist to start the day out. Where I apparently sounded clear and satting at 97%. However, my Ventolin use was met with a raised eyebrow and a that is A LOT of Ventolin. I have been upgraded to a 160/4.5 trial run of blue Symbicort(okay still mostly red). Dr. B also said that it seems like Singulair isn't really doing anything for me so we are giving up on it.The allergy shots continue I've officially finished my first vial which is super exciting(okay not really). He also said there isn't really much to be done about the hormones and the asthma flares coinciding. He rattled off some big name for it and said that basically they've done a ton of studies and figured out what doesn't work but nothing that really does.

After that I went to Lilith Fair for an awesome day of music. We started out on the lawn which was pretty warm and kind of smokey since they allow cigarettes out there. We watched the first like 5 artists out there. However, one of my friends got picked by the upgrades guy so then we got up into the way back of the regular seats. Which was pretty awesome to have a real seat (yay non-smoking). The lungs behaved themselves pretty well. Only two times requiring to be dosed up with ventolin. The artists were all really motivational and it was a really cool environment. The outside area around the amphitheater was full of various corporate sponsors handing out samples. We totally made our dinner from Luna bars and lots and lots of water(got a fliptop Lilith nalgene).I got tons of compliments on my shirt which reads "Real men beat their meat not their women and children". 
The bathroom was also transformed into a Lilipad with samples from OB/Stayfree/Carefree and festive decorations. 
Note: This post was written on Saturday but it took me a while to get the photos together for it. 


Sara C. said...

that's the symbi that M uses. How cool that you got to go to Lilith Fair...that would rock (who was there this year?) I heard on the radio that they cancelled a bunch of them in Texas because they literally sold NO tickets...not that they didn't sell enough to have a show, but they sold NONE.

I hope the symbi and the allergy shots work for you.

Kat said...

Yeah I'm liking the stronger dose of symbicort thus far. I am sleeping so much better. I have to just about stop breathing to wake myself up but I get really poor quality sleep when the asthma isn't behaving.
It wasn't real full for the concert in the St. Louis Metro. Probably about half full but it was also a heat warning and yellow air quality so I don't blame anybody who stayed in the A/C. Mainstage was Emmylou Harris, Mary J. Blige, Sarah McLachlan, Court Yard Hounds, Metric, Ingrid Michaelson. Kina, Vedera, Jennifer Knapp, Meaghan Smith and somebody else were on the side stages.

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