Sunday, July 4, 2010

T-minus 6 to 5k

Well the big day is almost finally here. In exactly 6 days I'll be hearing the starting gun go off. I'm hoping I'm ready to run the 5k. My lungs and their shenanigans have put me about 3 weeks behind schedule on the couch to 5k program. At this point I'm still determined to do the 5k it will be a good motivator for me even if I do end up walking for some of it. I haven't really made it longer than about 3.5k yet on a run which kind of worries me if I'm going to be ready for that last 1.5k. I'm also trying to start preparing the mental check list of everything I need to get ready and carry for the run and plotting how to carry it all. All and all I'm just hoping that my hormones will behave so that the lungs will follow suit. I'm guessing at this point I'll probably do some kind of run so many minutes followed by a minute or two walk. I'm hoping to finish under 50 minutes but honestly just crossing the finish line will make me pretty happy. I'm not looking to break any records especially considering that there is a good chance of rain and/or hot temperatures. If all goes well I'll keep up the training and hopefully run another 5k in the fall up at school (a little faster or all running or perhaps both next time :P).


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